MCC's Professional Services Include:

  • Needs Analysis and Consulting
  • Custom System Design, Building, Integration and Installation
  • System Maintenance and Support for Hardware, Software and Networking Connectivity
  • Hardware, Software and Networking Equipment Sales
  • Arrange Website Design, Hosting, Maintenance
  • Database Design


There is a lot of uncertainty when it
comes to selecting a technology company. MCC's Introductory
Services were created with the idea of giving new customers a
low cost and low risk way to sample MCC's services.

All new customers start off with an
On-Site Inspection (OSI). The OSI provides a framework to
discuss the business requirements vs. the current technology
infrastructure. The main goal of the OSI, is to gather as much
information about your IT infrastructure as possible and to set
the groundwork for an FSAR Engagement (Fully Secure And
Recoverable) . The aim of Mentoria's FSAR is to remedy key data
recoverability and security issues. With a stable technology
environment it is much easier to discuss the key ongoing
management issues of reliability and productivity.

goal is simple: build our customer’s trust and confidence that
they have finally chosen the right technology partner.

Introductory Services: A simple way to get to know us

  • No financial commitments.
  • Your first month of services at our lowest rate.
  • An On-site Inspection to survey your existing workstation, server and networked environment.


MCC's Managed Services are custom
tailored to meet the specific needs of your company. Programs
are available that will cover one segment of your network or
single workstations to your complete enterprise. Management
intervals are customized to meet the specific needs of your
business and range from daily to monthly or even bi-annual

Key benefits of our Managed Services
include Lowest cost per hour of consulting services, Regular
maintenance improving consistency of operations, Management
stays regularly informed of system status, and Advanced
scheduling of support activities reduces costs.

Managed Services: Key Points

  • Regularly scheduled service intervals.
  • A dedicated engineer assigned to your company.
  • Direct cell phone access to your engineer for emergencies.
  • Standard Monitoring services.
  • Alert Notification services.
  • Procurement services.
  • Management services.
  • Complete workstation and network documentation.
  • Task reviews to ensure all open work items are prioritized and completed.
  • Service reports delivered to you on every visit.


Simply call us when there's a
problem – we're right down the street. Whether it's a support
issue or you are considering a project that exceeds your
internal resources MCC's OnCall/Project Service is right for you.

On Call / Project Services for Small Businesses

  • On-site services delivered when you need assistance.
  • Service reports included in billing statements.
  • Telephone support as needed.
  • No pre-payments or retainers.
  • Focused on specific issues and their resolution.
  • No cost procurement services.

Services are delivered either on site, in our shop or remotely over the
Internet – depending on client preferences and the type of the service.

Our remote assistance service is growing in
popularity as it allows us to quickly and securely connect to a client's
computer over the internet. Once connected, we can fix many problems and
provide training over the phone.

There is no minimum charge for remote assistance
and we will do the all the setup required.